Thursday, July 31, 2008

While we are waiting

While we are waiting for handover we thought we should get our window furnishings in order. We bought some DIY Plantation Shutters.

It comes in a Kit form and all you need to do is assemble and paint too easy .

This is how it comes in a thousand pieces.

This is after assembly it took about 25 mins to assemble.

These one's are for the bathroom

And now stained, we used sikkens dark oak which is the same stain on our front and bi-fold doors.

This one is for the main toilet.


And Open

And this one for our En-Suite.

I've still got the Dining Room window to go, that's the one in pieces in the top photo.

These are great and the cost of all of these were cheaper than the bathroom one by itself from a retailer. We got them from

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Practical Completion Inspection

We had our Practical completion inspection appointment on Monday. There are a few things to be rectified but nothing too major.

The painters were there at the same time as our inspection so all the red dots we put on the walls were fixed immediately. There are a few brickwork issues and they also need another clean. The front door frame is finally being replaced.

Here are some photos after the house was cleaned, there will be another clean done after all the trades have finished.

The Timber laminate floors and carpet were installed .

AND we have a new front door it just needs to be painted and the door handle put in the right spot this time.

Master Bedroom En-suite now with shower screens and taps reinstalled.

Master Bedroom carpet installed

Back hallway carpet.

Front sitting room carpet.

Kitchen, Meals and Family Room with flooring installed.

The new front door, the wooden panels are larger on this one which is better as the pull handle can fit better, apparently the wrong door had been ordered and happens all the time, someone has a nice collection of doors at home.

We should have a handover date in the next couple of days, hopefully we should have handover sometime in the next 2 weeks.

Just waiting for the super to go through our Inspectors report which was very thorough but not there is not much that we did not pick up.


Saturday, July 12, 2008


Can anyone spell Liquidated Damages. Well I hope Metricon can, as of last Wednesday 9th July our contracted build time expired. Now Metricon are paying Liquidated damages of $250.00 per week until Settlement which according to the Supervisor will be in about a month. Not that I don't believe him, but every time frame we have been told so far has not been accurate, maybe now it is costing them money they will get a move on.
Anyway since our last post a few things have happened;
1. The tiles in the shower have been replaced, have not been in the house to see what they look like so have to wait to pass judgement.
The new tiles were delivered.

And now installed.

2. The Driveway and concrete under the Outdoor Room (we can't call it an alfresco anymore due to legal action against Metricon from Porter Davis) have been poured and they look great.

3. The Timber Laminate flooring has been installed, which only took 1/2 a day, I would have thought maybe 2 Days (Tramicka thought 1 day so looks like I'm cooking dinner on Sunday).

The slab was made level with a bit of fill and grinding only in about 3-4 areas, I think they have a tolerance 3mm over 10 meters.
This is after the floor was laid.

4. The Kitchen Splashback has been installed.

5. The site has been cleaned and the temporary fences and smelly porta-loo removed. Our side yard looks massive now and now the planning starts for the garden. Although I think we needed to buy the block next door to fit in all our idea's.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Waiting, Waiting, Waiting .........

Well we are still waiting, there are lots of issues still to be resolved, everything promised nothing delivered. This is Day 217 of 252, the completion date (according to the contract) is 9th July, I would have thought we would have been well in by then, but we will be lucky to be in 2 weeks after. No handover date has been given. We have only 5 weeks to go until liquidated damages of $250.00 P/W kick in.

Since my last post only a few things have been done. The Door furniture fitted, Garage Door fitted and Site cleaned and some dirt brought in to cover up the exposed slab.

This is after the Garage Door was installed and looks great as is seems to lighten everything up.

The Gas Meter was installed also.

Can you spot the difference.

This is our Door,

This is off a Display home,




Yes the door handle and the lock is too low, it should be another window pane higher, you would need to be a very short person to use the handle. Looks like a new door is on the cards, plus the frame still needs to be replaced.

Anyway the Construction Manager was at the house yesterday looking at the issues that we had sent to him in an email.

We will see what happens over the next week.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Getting close now.

We are getting close now. The Caesarstone bench tops are in, the plumbing fit off finished.

Shower screens and mirrors were installed even though a few tiling issues need to be still resolved.

And the toilets installed.

The site and house clean is booked for next Friday but i think it will be more like the Friday after.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Brick Clean, Painting, Tiles and Electrical Fit Off

It's getting close now probably 4-6 weeks, we are getting so excited we bought our first feature plant. An Xanthorrhoea Johnsonii (Black Boy or Grass Tree) although we are not sure of where to put it yet.

The Brick Clean was done a couple of weeks ago but needs to be done again, some of the mortar is still on the edges and the Super said with these bricks sometimes they need a couple of goes. The bricks are a little darker than we would have liked but once we render the pillars and maybe the lower 1/3 of the front, hopefully it will lighten it up a bit.

The tiling has been all done except for behind the mirror in the ensuite, maybe this will be done when he comes back to fix a few issues.

Here is the Ensuite.

The Master Bedroom, looks bigger in real life but not as big as our current Bedroom (which is way to big).

The hallway going to the garage.

The Main Toilet.

The Hallway from the front door to the main living area and the kitchen. On the right there should be small niches in the wall but for some reason they have put them in as voids going all the way to the floor, this will be fixed next week along with a few other things.

The Laundry.

The Main Bathroom. The tiler was back yesterday to replace the grout in all the floor tiles as they put the wrong colour, they put in Mocha instead if Off White. All fixed now and looks OK.

The Front Door is all painted and ready to be hung just waiting on the replacement Door Frame that has warped. The super is leaving it until most of the tradies have left so it does not get damaged again.

The kitchen is all done just waiting for the Caesarstone Bench tops to come then the Plumber can do his thing, then after that the Glass Splash back can be measured and ordered.

Looking to the Dining Room.

Looking to the Family Room and over the wetlands, out this window we may put the black boy so we can always see it. This will be dependant on shaddows from the house.